Center for Women presents Queer Women's Cove! A monthly discussion group offering short readings, news articles, and film excerpts that focus on experiences and issues related to queer women. We will provide a space for open conversation and invite all to discuss and interpret queer theory, literature, and popular culture.  Click here to sign up for our monthly readings!

In honor of National Sexual Asault Awareness month, Center for Women presents: Reading through the Silence: Sexual Assault Awareness Month Book Display

Stop by the Center for Women during the month of April to browse selections from our library on sexual assault, violence, power, and healing. Check out a book, sip some tea, and stay awhile! Click the button below to learn more about the Center for Women library! Click here to learn more about the Center for Women Library!

"Harnessing the Power of Negotiation" April 23 at 11:30 AM in ANTH 303

The Center for Women is co-sponsoring a teleconference presented by Emory Women in Neuroscience. This teleconference features Ayana Ledford, Executive Director of PROGRESS (Program for Research & Outreach on Gender Equity in Society) at Carnegie Mellon University. PROGRESS takes a proactive approach towards achieving gender equity by teaching women and girls negotiation skills using methods drawn from sound academic research. Come learn how to be your own best advocate.

A look back at the historical Whose Beloved Community? Black Civil and LGBT rights conference which took place on March 27th - March 29th 2014. 

Last month's "Whose Beloved Community?" conference was a wonderful success. Click here to hear Dr. Dona Yarbrough, Director of the Center for Women and Co-Chair of the conference, and Charles Stephens, coordinator of the conference, discuss the conference

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